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Live Call In Show – Ep 53 : Solo teaser reaction caIls w/ Iraj of The Sith List

By Planet Broadcasting

Iraj Dowlatshahi, host of The Sith List podcast, joins us to discuss… - The brand-new Solo teaser and trailer! - “Official” hashtags - Aaron from OKC checks in with his thoughts on the trailer - Increased hype levels after seeing the Solo trailer - Iraj’s hype is all the way up  - Hidden Han Solo in the Super Bowl teaser - The new Solo artwork released by Lucasfilm  - We discuss spinning letters and our favorite shots - King Tom calls from “Australia” to pitch a Seinfeld-ish coat endeavor   - Everybody loves Donald Glover  - How much of a relationship do Lando and Han have after the Falcon changes hands? - The parallels between Solo and another beloved heist film - Steele’s new trailer reaction video (now available on YouTube!) - Katie McCort from New York puts her unique spin on the trailer - Will Solo be better than Rogue One? - We try to gauge how Solo will perform at the box office - Emily Lind from the Canto Bight Dispatch podcast demands a dad joke from Iraj - The variance between the Super Bowl teaser and the official trailer  - Emma from Edmonton gives us her trailer reactions and drops some cape blasphemy - The factors that will make or break this film - Simon Daoudi in LA has some ideas about Lucasfilm’s shortened marketing strategy - The hazing process for new members of the MSW Podcast Network PLUS, IN THE FIFTY-FIVE MINUTE SUPPORTER BONUS SECTION - Rusty Brown from San Diego impersonates his casino correspondent sister - Buying Donald Glover as Lando  - Rebecca Edwards from Perth calls the show prior to having seen the trailer  - Robbo from New Jersey actually enjoyed the trailer! - An ill-fated attempt to impart EU knowledge - Rebecca rejoins us after watching the trailer, and is HYPED  - The Awesome Space Octopus! - Iraj and Steele talk about delicious beer - Shawn calls from LA with his thoughts on the trailer  - The trailer’s use of graphics, and reminiscing over Lost - Kyle from Toronto loved the gunslinger scene - Did we see Kessel in the trailer? - What’s the nature of the Han and Qi’ra relationship? - Robbo returns to tell us about Lando’s droid - A prophecy that misread could have been - Katie’s interest in Solo is higher after our visit from Robbo - We discuss Westworld! - Potential future Star Wars standalones - And much more! Follow Steele Wars on Twitter & Instagram  Show prep Eric Strothers : @ericstrothers / @bad_motivators  Show notes Dom Legaspi : @domlegaspi Follow Iraj: @TheSithList Support the show.

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