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ET015 - Amsterdam, the "Perfect City"

By Eric Trules

Amsterdam, Christmas 2013  As ex-heavyweight champ, Sonny Liston, always said, "Life... a funny thang". It comes and goes -- in cycles. When we're in an "up" cycle... feeling good about ourselves and our lives, it seems nothing can go wrong. We're invincible. When we're in a "down" cycle... of loss, transition, fear, it seems that nothing can go right. We're unworthy. Me? I'm more like Chicken Little, always expecting the sky to fall... than like Mary Poppins, always ready to fly away into her next optimistic adventure. But on this trip, I talk about "perfect moments"... you know those evasive, ephemeral life experiences that you so seldom capture. Those things that my solo performance predecessor, Spalding Gray, always yearned for, but never found. Anyway.... this episode is about Amsterdam and perfect moments. Or... "perfect enough"...... if you are in the right place at the right time... with the right attitude. Please listen to Episode 15, "Amsterdam, the 'Perfect City':

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