Joel Kosche (Collective Soul)

By Robby Miller

Thrilled to have been able to sit down with my buddy Joel Kosche and speak about all things recording, mixing and production! Joel is über talented and you can hear his original music as well as is most recent work with Devil City Angels linked below!  Instagram: @Joel_kosche_music  Joel Kosche - Always Dreaming:  Devil City Angels - Testify:   Host: Robby Miller  Instagram: @robbyrockmiller  Spotify page:   Logo and Design by Dave Rattenbury  Instagram@daveyrocks   What is 'Can't Afford To Record'?  The focus of this channel is to document the journey of learning, practicing and refining audio production skills. I love making music but I still have a lot to learn about getting it to sound the way I want.   So I thought I'd open my thoughts, small victories and hiccups to everyone else. I invite you to get into the virtual recording studio with me 😎

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