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Heal Your Drained Brain with Dr. Mike Dow

By JJ Virgin

Dr. Mike Dow is a neurotherapist and JJ's co-star from the hit TLC show Freaky Eaters. He joins JJ today to talk about the inspiration behind his new book, Heal Your Drained Brain, and how the demands of today's modern world are leaving us stressed out and exhausted. Listen as Dr. Dow explains the 4 subtypes of drained brains and the long-term consequences that can wreak havoc on your health, as well as the diet and lifestyle strategies that can help you balance your stress hormones and brain chemicals so you can feel good again. Plus, you don't want to miss Dr. Dow's advice on exercise – it could be a lifesaver!   Freebies From Today’s Episode Get Dr. Mike Dow’s free Drained Brain Quiz by going to   Main Points From Today’s Episode We're more stressed out than we’ve ever been before! Untreated drain brain makes you 4 times more likely to develop high blood pressure and increases your risk of other serious health issues. Anxiety and insomnia are common symptoms of a drained brain. Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA (the "stress-less" omega-3) and DHA (the "sleep-soundly" omega-3) can help alleviate anxiety and insomnia. Lifestyle strategies can help lower the stress hormone response. Dr. Dow’s top choices include breath control practices, progressive muscle relaxation, and self-hypnosis.   Episode Play-By-Play [1:04] Dr. Mike Dow’s career briefing [3:38] What inspired Dr. Dow to write his new book, Heal Your Drained Brain? [5:18] Subtypes of a drained brain and the brain chemicals that are involved [7:34] Dr. Dow’s free quiz helps you determine if your brain is drained and where you fall on the spectrum. [9:21] Dietary shifts to heal a drained brain [12:45] The effects of nutrition vs. medication [14:16] Lifestyle strategies to lower the stress hormone response [15:02] Dr. Dow suggests trying different tools from his book to find out which one works best for you. [18:10] How different forms of exercise affect your brain [20:20] Working out when you have unresolved anger can actually increase your risk of a heart attack. [22:11] The 7 pitfall thought patterns and how they impact your brain [25:35] Want a better quality of sleep while also calming your brain? Try JJ Virgin’s Sleep Candy! [26:06] Listener’s question: How much fish oil did you use with your son Grant and for how long? [28:44] What to look for in fish oil   Mentioned in this episode: JJ Virgin Official Facebook page JJ Virgin on Instagram

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