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From Krikkit to Lamuella

By The Outpost

Mark and Danny Smith are joined by Jon Hickman to finish up the K section of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and tackle a couple of important Ls. Krikkit Of all the races on the Galaxy, only the English could possibly revive the memory of the most horrific wars ever to sunder the Universe and transform it into what is generally regarded as an incomprehensibly dull and pointless game. L Prosser Mr L Prosser is 40, fat and shabby. He works for the local council, and is distantly related to Genghis Khan. Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton is the woman who christens the new Cottington Bypass by breaking a bottle of "very splendid and worthwhile" champagne over the "noble prow" of a "very splendid and worthwhile yellow bulldozer". She was played by the comedic actor Jo Kendal, and was completely annoying. Lallafa Lallafa wrote what are widely regarded throughout the Galaxy as being the finest poems in existence, the Songs of the Long Land. Long after his death his poems were found and wondered over, and shortly after the invention of time travel, some major correcting fluid manufacturers wondered whether his poems might have been better still if he had had access to some high-quality correcting fluid, and whether he might be persuaded to say a few words on that effect. He never got around to writing the poems, so the correcting fluid people got him to copy them out of a book they'd taken from the version of the past where he did write the poems. Lamuella Lamuella is a planet, not unlike Earth, but where the days are 25 hours long, which plays havoc with a mechanical watch. According to Old Thrashbarg, the planet had been found fully-formed in the navel of a giant earwig at 4:30 one Vroonday afternoon. In Mostly Harmless, Arthur becomes the Sandwich Maker and makes Lamuella his home, and sandwiches (that sentence makes sense... read that back and you'll get it).

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