HYH #62 with Natalie Cutsforth

By Tadayoshi

HYH episode #62 with clairvoyant friend Natalie Cutsforth! We had a great conversation about releasing traumas, energy practices and my own reading live! This is a must see! Great information!   HYH #62 Natalie Cutsforth (clairvoyant) What is a clairvoyant  “Clear sight” Being psychic soul’s energy healing Traumas Releasing traumas Water for clearing energy “Taming Your Energy..” Book Visualization Energy practices Tarot New Moon practices swaddling the body to aid isn trauma release LOA  Soul contract  Advantages to social distancing Trusting your intuition House Angel Spiritual genetic inheritance My reading! tameyourenergysensitivity.com (to get the book) or Amazon WWW.nataliecutsforth.com info@nataliecutsforth.com   *Please send in any topics you wish me to cover or guest suggestions. Nothing is left off the table! And if you appreciate what I am doing on this show, please share it with a friend or two!    *Please support the my show at: https://patron.podbean.com/tadayoshi (be a patron and get advertising each episode!)   *To watch or listen to any of my shows, see these links on my link page in my IG bio (@TadtheDietCoach or @HandleYourHigh ). Or go to (links for iTunes, YouTube, Podbean and Spotify):  https://linktr.ee/tadthedietcoach   To listen to this episode on the web go to:  https://hyh.podbean.com   *If I can be of service please email me at tad@tadthedietcoach.com   Thank you for your support! 

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