Socially Conscious Business with Weathered Souls' Marcus Baskerville

By Morey Creative Studios

Marcus Baskerville, son of Sacramento, came by his love of craft beer honestly. You see, California is the craft beer capital of the country with the most independent breweries per capita - and in sheer numbers California has double the amount of breweries than the next most popular state. Baskerville began experimenting with a home brew kit his sister had purchased and after a while became quite renowned in the home brew scene. The scene was rich with information on becoming a better brewer and mentors were abundant and eager to share. Eventually he relocated to San Antonio, Texas, got a regular day job and set about making a name for himself in his new hometown known more for Dos Equis than craft beer.  Soon, Baskerville was flourishing as a home brewer and was offered a chance to do a tap takeover at a local brewpub. Marcus Baskerville was officially in the craft brew game. Like hundreds of bearded hipsters with tattoos and a killer recipe before him, Baskerville went from hobbyist to entrepreneur and wound up opening his own craft beer brewery with friend and colleague Mike Holt called Weathered Souls. A couple of things set Baskerville apart from his predecessors. First, is the Weathered Souls signature stout. Another thing is that he was one of only a handful of brewers in San Antonio. Oh, and Marcus Baskerville is Black.  Now you might not think a Black head brewer and entrepreneur is unlikely in this day and age. But the numbers speak for themselves. Craft brewing is a white male dominated industry like almost no other. Female head brewers make up roughly five percent of all head brewers in the country. Black brewers are around one percent. Being a Black head brewer is only part of this Grow for Good story. Like all great entrepreneur stories, there’s so much more to tell and Marcus Baskerville is far from one dimensional, and neither are his beers. We’ll talk more about his craft, his position in the industry and an idea he had this summer that sparked a revolution in the industry. -- Show Notes: Weathered Souls Brewing Co. Black Is Beautiful If you enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe, share with your friends and rate and review on Apple Podcasts and Podchaser. If you have any questions or suggestions for future guests, send an email to Find Morey Creative Studios on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Subscribe to our blog here. See for privacy information.

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