Clare Turnbull

By Movember

This week on Movember Radio: Continuing the Conversation, we talk to an amazing Mo Sista, Dr Clare Turnbull. Clare is the lead researcher on the Movember programme for testicular cancer research at the Institute of Cancer Research, UK. To put it simply, this involves the analysis of the genome for men who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer.During her career, Clare has seen incredible technological changes; what once took 10 years – scanning an individual human genome - is now achievable in a matter of hours. Clare recognises that this is already having a profound effect upon what is possible to do and imagine for the future of healthcare.She is a medical doctor who treats patients and talks to their families in clinic, and so maintains that firsthand perspective of the impact of the work that she does. She also has some interesting insights into strawberries and tigers…  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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