Christoph Stückelberger | Beyond Good and Evil (#58)

By Dr. Mariana Bozesan

My guest today is Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christoph Stückelberger, the founder and President of “ Foundation” based in Geneva, Switzerland. For the past four decades his main focus has been on ethics which he has pursued tirelessly through his foundation, teaching assignments, and books. Enjoy the show! EPISODE LINKS: URL: Twitter: @GlobethicsNet Facebook: His book entitled Globalance: Ethics Handbook for a Balanced World Post-Covid has been recently released and is available at for free. PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Overcast: SoundCloud: Amazon Music: BOOK: Integral Investing: CONNECT: YouTube: Twitter: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Medium: Narrated by Albert Bozesan, produced by Peak State Entertainment The AQAL Foundation informs our listeners that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the interviewees of our Investment Turnaround Podcast belong solely to the author and do not represent the views nor the opinions of the AQAL Foundation, its founders, or other group of individual.

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