Healing, Self-Discovery & Founding Citizen Yoga

By Citizen Yoga

Content Warning: This episode contains conversation about suicide, abuse and depression.  In a unique episode Michigan based yoga teacher Ann Fancy interviews Kacee Must about her life and the path to how Kacee created Citizen Yoga. This episode was originally recorded on Ann's podcast "Becoming Lit" in April of 2019 and explores Kacee's family, her childhood and dealing with self doubt and confidence. They discuss body image in the sports and yoga industries and how those societal norms shaped them both. Kacee talks about her travels around the world and all the interesting things she's done including working as a medium. She opens up about the story behind her sister's passing, how she dealt with the loss by moving to India, and how her love affair with philosophy began as a way to find meaning and healing. Listen to this vulnerable, deeply moving episode and get a deeper understanding of the woman behind Citizen Yoga and the evolution of Citizen Yoga from concept to studio. 

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