#8: Why Homeschooling?

By Dr. Dan & Siri Shakti | RockStarInLife

In this episode, we dive into the world of Homeschooling and why we chose to homeschool our 3 children. We answer the top questions and concerns people have when it comes to deciding whether or not to homeschool their kids. Questions like… How do homeschool kids get socialization and not become anti-social, how can a homeschooled teen get into a good college, how can I teach my kid if I wasn’t that good in school myself, and what are the different types of homeschooling? This episode will open your eyes to the wide world of homeschooling and help you to see just how powerful and liberating it can be for you and your child.   Post For This Episode:   http://rockstarinlife.com/episode8   Download Both of Dr. Dan's Books FREE:   45 Lessons To Be a RockStar In Your Life   How To Attract The Person of Your Dreams & Keep Them

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