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#7 - The ONE Thing That Transformed Our Businesses

By John Lamerton and Jason Brockman

In today's episode, you can find out the ONE THING that really catapulted our businesses to super-success. It's something so simple that you'd almost overlook it, and think "it can't be that simple can it?" But that's the idea - it's a very simple thing, done well, on a daily basis, that will make all the difference over a long period of time.  You'll find out why multi-tasking doesn't work, Jason manages to alienate the female population, and you'll find out why I blame Richard Branson. We'll get our boats going faster with an Olympic gold medal winner, put a man on the moon, and win a US election - all in 33 minutes! The only thing you won't achieve is Inbox Zero - but as you'll learn in this episode, that's NOT what you want anyway - we're aiming for Productivity Central! For links to everything we talk about, including the video recording of the episode and transcription of everything we talked about, head over to the show notes at And to watch the LIVE recording of each episode of the Big Idea Podcast, join our Facebook Group for FREE - you can then watch our ugly mugs in glorious technicolour every Monday lunchtime, as well as get BONUS in-between-isodes, and direct access to both of us to ask any questions about this, or any other episode.

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