How to kickstart your Service Design career

By Service Design Show

Here are 3 ways that can help to kickstart your career as a service designer. Although the number of job listings for service designers is growing by the day it doesn't mean that it's easy to actually land a job. It can feel especially challenging when you don't have the formal educational background or a rich portfolio filled with hands on experience. In this episode I share 3 ways that should help to get your service design career of the ground. Looking for a short summary? Make sure you study the field, just start doing it, don't wait for permission and leverage your existing skills. ---------------------------------------- MORE EPISODES Enjoyed the show? Take a look at some of the other episodes. YOUTUBE CHANNEL Every episode of the Service Design Show is also available as via the official YouTube channel. FACEBOOK PAGE Check the Facebook page where you'll find more content and can discuss the episodes. ---------------------------------------- [FREE COURSE] HOW TO EXPLAIN SERVICE DESIGN Learn how you can get your clients, colleagues, managers, CEOs and even grandmas as excited about service design as you are!

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