S1E8 - Privilege Identity

By Curiously Strong Pod

A Canadian, an American, and a German walk into a bar to start a podcast talking about what privilege means to us and where we source it from. Whether it’s the colour of our skin, our respective home countries, or the religion we grew up with, we all had immense privilege in our lives despite our individual seasons of pain. But we never suffered because of what we look like and where we are from which is exactly what this whole conversation revolves around. Privilege is a beautiful thing when shared and made available to those around you.  We try to be as honest as we can be with ourselves in this episode and acknowledge the things that have paved the way for us to succeed in this life (success looking different for everyone, of course).  We also talk about the rarely discussed idea that growing up Christian gives you the unique privilege of being trusted within your community. There is an assumption of good character as a Christian that influences someone else’s decision to hire you since you share the same values, as we all have experienced.  We share how we were introduced to the concept of privilege in the first place and how  Christians should be the first to acknowledge their privilege since their entire belief system revolves around them being the chosen people. Yet, there is still that persecution narrative that pops up all the time, but privilege doesn’t mean your life is good, it only means that you were given a headstart in the race of life. We do all still have to run but someone might get a bottle of water along the way and someone else doesn’t. 

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