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208: What is The Future of Medicine and Should it Matter to You?

By Ryan Gray, MD of Meded Media

Session 208 We're celebrating 4 years of The Premed Years Podcast! In celebration of this podcast's anniversary, Ryan has shared on previous episodes that he wanted to give away some coaching, mock interview prep, and some other stuff. He will be sending out emails to the lucky winners and to all those who registered, Ryan will be sending a copy of his book as his heartfelt way of thanking you for joining the contest. In today's episode, Ryan is joined by Allison as they discuss the future of healthcare and what you, as premed students, should be thinking about the future of medicine and how the newly elected President Trump's policies are going to come into play and the role of technology in this ever-changing landscape. Here are the highlights of the conversation between Ryan and Allison: On the future of Obama Care, does this matter? People who have acquired insurance because of ObamaCare are at risk of losing that. A lot of the things in our system do not work and the face of healthcare system is changing over and over again anyway. As a premed, stay informed so come prepared during interview in case you get asked about the future of ObamaCare, you get to speak to some degree about it. Juggling your personal thoughts about politics with those of your patients: Dealing with the amount of anxiety in the last few months because of the nasty election with patients highly opinionated but this is not the focus of health professionals. It's not a wise thing to talk about politics with your patients. It could bias your ability to provide good care if you let your political beliefs interfere with patient care. Behind closed doors, no matter who is paying the bill, it's the relationship with your patient that matters. Look at your patients as individuals that need help. If someone brings it up, just listen and try to move things along. The future of healthcare in 10 years Hospitals becoming big monsters themselves and everybody getting into big groups. Healthcare has changed a lot looking back and it continues to be a changing landscape. Being a physician is part of your identity so it's not something someone can take away from you. If you're going into this for the right reasons, it doesn't matter what happens. Technology as another landscape-shifter Be careful of thinking about Radiology as a field right now. We're now at a point where computers and artificial intelligence are going to read X-rays, CT scans, and MRI's. Computers will be by our sides as physicians but medical education will change dramatically. Cadavers are still important for Anatomy Changes in Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) The future of The Premed Years podcast in the next four years: More help to students More knowledge More books Links and Other Resources: Book Mentions: The Spirit Catches You When You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman Atul Gawande's books Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer

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