#49) Resume Tips for College Students & Recent Graduates

Career Warrior Podcast

Jun 2019

14 min 36 sec

It’s that time of year. College students are graduating so I was inspired to create this episode for you up and coming career warriors who are out to get that first serious job. Maybe you’re just graduating now and are in panic mode because you don’t have a job yet. Maybe you’re entering in your final year of college and now is the time for you to start thinking about getting that package together. Or maybe you are just that proactive that you just want a mean lean resume machine. Well listen up! Now’s the time to turn your volume up and hear my best three tips for you as a college student. As the founder of Let’s Eat, Grandma a resume writing company I’ve learned some solid best practices that can get college students noticed and eventually hired.The year was 2013; it was my senior year at University and it seemed like all my friends were talking about was their job search. Whether it was an interview my friend had at Goldman-Sachs or how many resumes my colleagues were shooting out. Does my GPA matter? What kind of job should I actually apply for? All these thoughts were racing through my head as I wondered what would be in store for me next year. Here are three questions I wish my 2013 self had the answers to:#1) What happens when you don’t have the experience, but it seems like every posting is calling for experience?#2) What's the best formatting for my college resume? How long should it be? And the big mistake that a lot of college students make...#3) How relevant does my job have to be to my field of study?We address these questions in the episode (and even more in our 48th episode).Thank you for your loyalty and support so far. Please leave us a rating on iTunes if you feel inclined to do so! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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