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223 JSJ WebStorm with Dennis Ushakov


React Remote Conf and Angular Remote Conf   03:18 - Dennis Ushakov Introduction Twitter GitHub JetBrains JetBrains Issue Tracker WebStorm @WebStormIDE   03:54 - Writing an IDE in Java YouTrack TeamCity   04:50 - Specs 05:43 - WebStorm Defined Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 06:19 - IDEs vs Text Editors 08:31 - Building an IDE Language Support External Tool Support Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) 13:00 - Code Reuse 15:07 - Prioritizing Features 17:11 - Why is IDE tooling important? “Code is read a lot more than it’s written.” 19:57 - Refactorings The Dynamic Nature of JavaScript TypeScript-specific Refactorings 23:35 - Next Versions of Webstorm Early Access Program 25:07 - Framework Support; Usage Data 28:12 - Other Technology and Framework Support 31:12 - Working for JetBrains 32:17 - Release Cycles and Procedures Early Access Program 34:39 - Java Source Code Contribution Kotlin   Picks Jesse Kriss: Human scale technology (Jamison) React Rally (Jamison) Vote (Chuck) Transmit (Chuck) Steam Squad (Dennis) Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier (Dennis)

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