How To Be an Intentional Leader with Jenny Flintoft

By Kelly Baader

#73: Today, I am interviewing Jenny Flintoft - How to be a leader who has time for everything that you want to accomplish! We chatted about what it means to live in a world where the only constant is change and how we always have a choice to find time in our schedule or let it slip away.   Key Lessons From This Episode: How we often dismiss our strengths because they don't require effort Why resentment is the worst emotion to keep a hold of Why you will not be the best fit for everyone all the time What "imposter syndrome" is and how can we overcome it Why in a "world of go, go, go" we can still find time to reflect and strategize over past or future decisions BUT it has to be done intentionally   About Jenny: Jenny left her European management role within Disney in 2001 to set up her own leadership and business consultancy. Since then, she's been privileged to work on almost every continent across the globe, both as an Event Speaker and delivering high impact training and development interventions to thousands and thousands of people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Jenny creates memorable leadership, personal and organisational development that transforms businesses, changes lives and leaves a lasting positive impact. Living a successful life is not just about achievements and accolades; it’s about how you feel every morning when you’re faced with a new day and all that presents. Jenny helps you to lead consciously, live boldly and to truly believe that the keys to successful living are held firmly in your hand.  Important Links & Mentions in this episode: (Access the free masterclass/Kelly's on-stage presentation about the Power Of One Framework) (Learn more about Christian CEO University) (Jenny's Website) (Subscribe + Review on iTunes) (Subscribe + Listen on Spotify)  

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