Creativity – The Secret to Business Success – Nir Bashan

By Jay Izso

Every business focuses on pretty much the same thing...the numbers, or as we like to say, "the analytics".  But like a doctor who can only prescribe medicine for the symptoms, the numbers, or analytics cannot get to the core of your issues and problems.  What is more the number and analytics cannot solve your problems.  But Creativity can!  This is the problem with society in general today.  Our schools, teachers and universities focus on left brain analytic training that is focused on getting the right answer...versus getting the most creative solution.  The fact is business today is so left brain focus we have a tendency to not hire right brain people.  And we certainly do not want to put those "creativity champions" in leadership.  But the fact is if you want to be successful, if you want growth, if you want to get unstuck in your business and career there is only one way to get there...creativity.  Thank fully creative expert and author of "The Creator Mindset" Nir Bashan joins us in this episode of A New Direction. The Creator Mindset is one of the most eye opening business books that you will ever read.  The fact is we make the mistake of linking "art" and "music" with creativity.  But those are only subsets of the creator mindset.  If you want solutions to tomorrows problems it will come from The Creator Mindset and not another PowerPoint presentation filled with numbers.  Nir Bashan's book "The Creator Mindset" will challenge you...but only if you are open to it and do not shut down your brain.  It will open you to the fact that every single one of us has creative ability, but as with most of us we are so focused on the numbers on the left side of our brain our right side creative side is left dormant and in fact starts to wither like a plant without water.  Think about this you have two halves of your brain, you have become so focused on using the left half, leaving the right half alone, you are only realizing half of your potential.  It's time to relearn how to be creative.  It's time to get "The Creator Mindset". Thank you to our sponsors!  Epic Physical Therapy.  Whether you just wan to move and feel better, have been injured, or you are a professional athlete or anywhere in between Epic Physical Therapy offers the latest in cutting edge equipment and the certified staff with the latest therapeutic techniques to help get your body and you back to where you want to be.  Don’t waste another day, get EPIC Relief, EPIC Recovery, Get EPIC Results, Get EPIC Physical Therapy!  Go to Linda Craft and Team, Realtors they not only sponsor A New Direction, but they are also a corporate sponsor of the Carolina Hurricanes NHL hockey team.  Linda built her business in 1985 one relationship at a time, and her team and her continue to do the same things she did 35 years ago and provide personalized legendary customer service.  They can help you regardless of where you live.  Check them out by going to Remember you can listen to A New Direction on the Oak 93.5 FM out of Raleigh.  You can listen in your car every Thursday at 4 pm EST and Sundays 10 am EST. Tune in on your radio if you live in the Research Triangle Area or listen on line by clicking here to listen online.  Tell them you heard A New Direction on 93.5 and tell them how much you are enjoying listening.

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