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011 What Is a Landing Page - Landing Page vs ESP

By Tia Hain

Today, we're going to talk about What Is a Landing Page. I'm also going to go over a little bit the difference between an ESP versus a landing page. People get a little confused on this subject, so hopefully I can spell it all out for you so you understand exactly what's going on. When people are first getting in to running a business and doing all the online stuff... you get so much information thrown at you that it really... it starts to get confusing. Some of you may have no problem with this. If that's the case, you don't even need to worry about listening to this episode. But I have found quite a few people, they kind of get this stuff mixed up, just 'cause they're just getting so much stuff thrown at them at one time. Let's go over what a landing page is and how it differs from an email service provider or an ESP.  This episode is sponsored by your FREE MailChimp Email Marketing How-to. If you have a business, you know you need an email list. But, what if you're just starting out, and your budget is close to zero. Or, maybe your budget is actually zero when it comes to using an email service provider right now. What are you gonna do? In this free gift that I have created for you, it's called MailChimp Email Marketing How-to. I show you how to use MailChimp's free service. So, MailChimp lets you use their service for free, with a few limitations for up to 2000 people on your list. And that sounds great. But, here's the problem with that. The way they have it setup, it's not intuitive on how to use their free service if you have more than one thing that you're giving away. So, basically you create these lists. But it's only good for one thing that you're giving away. If you go to give something else away, then it changes the first thing. Does that make sense? Well, anyway, you're gonna grab this free gift. Let's say to get people on your email list, you have two to three different freebies that you're trying to give away. But to set up to the three lists, it's a bit tricky. Just click here for your MailChimp Email Marketing How-to. If this podcast has been helpful for you, go ahead and - Subscribe in iTunes. So you can get new episodes delivered to you every Tuesday and Thursday. And while you're there, if you have a moment, please - Leave a Review in iTunes. If you think this podcast is gonna be helpful for other people, leaving a review is a great way to get it up there and suggested for the other people that are looking for podcasts. So, really, really appreciate it if you would leave us a review. And that's it. We will see you in the next episode. Links Mentioned in this Podcast: Organizing Her Business Systems and Technology FB Group Send me an email MailChimp Email Marketing How-to ORGANIZING HER BUSINESS SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY FB COMMUNITY - TIA HAIN INSTAGRAM - ORGANIZING HER BUSINESS SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY SHOW NOTES -

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