Frances Willard with Celeste Pechous

By Rebecca Marquardt

When Frances Willard was alive she was so famous that people put her portrait in their homes next to one of George Washington. She was born in 1839 and dedicated her life to education, temperance (Prohibition) and helping women gain independence. According to the house museum dedicated to her, she was "never married," but she wrote in great detail about several relationships she shared with women including Anna Gordon, with whom she lived for twelve years.   It's fitting that Celeste Pechous joins us for a conversation about an incredible woman because she herself is pretty dang great. Celeste is best known as Campbell in Showtime's Work in Progress and has popped up in at least two or three of the shows you've binged recently. She's also an accomplished improviser and will put a gorgeous spin on a custom painting of your dog, cat, or kid.   Support us on Patreon to be in the live virtual audience for podcast recordings, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for extra queer + history bits, and follow Cesete on Twitter and Instagram for funny thoughts and pictures of her cute dogs!

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