Mastering Autoimmunity with Mette Dyhrberg

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Mar 25

28 min 10 sec

This episode’s Community Champion Sponsor is Dignity Health Global Education. To learn how DHGE can guarantee an improved ROI on education for your organization: (CLICK HERE) --- After years of being treated by a healthcare system that didn’t know how to identify and manage autoimmune diseases effectively, our next guest believed that decoding the body’s hidden patterns would lead to a truly personalized approach to disease management. As an authority on autoimmune issues, Mette Dyhrberg, Founder and CEO of Mymee, joins us to share how she began using data to overcome her chronic autoimmune disease and why she took her passion and expertise to launch her fast-growing startup.

Join us to learn from Mette and how you can be a part of the Mymee mission as she and her team passionately dedicate themselves to improving the quality of life for people living with autoimmune diseases. Let’s go!

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