Is Judge Judy now a TV has-been? - Episode 352 - The Scribble with Jeremy Bradley

The Scribble with Jeremy Bradley

Nov 12

29 min 59 sec

It made international headlines that "Judge Judy" wasn't taking her on-screen sidekick to her new streaming show. How does her former TV bailiff, Petri Hawkins-Byrd, feel about being snubbed by the most-famous woman in daytime TV? Petri and his wife, Makita, chat with Jeremy Bradley about what happened after Judy Sheindlin's show left CBS and went streaming, rebranded as Judy Justice. How do Petri and Makita, who was a producer on Judge Judy, feel about the new show? Petri talks about what happened in the so-called failed contract negotiations, but does he feel it was really about money as Judy allegedly told him? Are there hard feelings between the two and Judy after all this went down? Moreover, would they work for the famous TV judge again? Plus, how has the couple rebounded after the snub?

It's all talked about on the show this week!

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