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How I Learned to Wholesale 100 Homes a Month w/ Jamil Damji

By By Russ Morgan CFP® & Joey Muré

What This Episode Is About We’ve all heard self proclaimed gurus talk about how making big money in real estate through flipping properties or wholesale. Yet, how do we begin that journey without getting in way over our heads and suffering a big loss? Jamil Damji started in real estate shortly after moving from Los Angeles. He fell into wholesaling almost by accident, but went forward with deals due to his knowledge in construction. In 2009 he lost everything, but decided to reconnect with his family and make the best of what he had left. He dusted himself off and got back into wholesaling, eventually meeting a group of individuals that would allow him to create a company with over 40 employees that averages over 70 wholesale deals a month. Jamil’s daily passion now is to inspire others to follow their skills and abilities to the best of their ability. You don’t want to miss this important episode! Mentioned in this episode: Why wholesaling is an optimal strategy for creating income. Where to begin researching wholesale real estate and how we can take our first steps into the market. How we can recover from a dramatic loss and learn from the mistakes of others. Join Our Community: If you want to engage with others like yourself who are breaking free from corporate America and Wall Street, this is the place. As a part of the community you will receive exclusive access to our podcast guests for live Q & A as well as weekly coaching on our 5 Pillars of Wealth Without Wall Street. Join us on the journey to financial freedom at ( Resources: Go to (  to learn more about Jamil and his company that now averages over 70 properties a month. Schedule a  Call with Us (

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