Our crush Mike Johnson calls in!

By Podcast Nation

This week on YFT, Mike “Big Mike” Johnson joins Brandi and Wells to share his thoughts on Pilot Pete’s women, his chances of appearing on Bachelor in Paradise, and the surprising (and diverse) titles on his bookshelf. But first, Wells and Brandi discuss their growing collection of leisurewear (Uggs, can you sponsor us?), their thoughts and concerns about hand lotion, and their favorite things from this past week from Stephen King to reality TV we’re ashamed to love. The hosts consider the theory that ABC picked Pete because of his ability to get people places via air travel and analyze the women’s reactions to A) the announcement of Cleveland as their next destination and B) the fact that amusement parks do indeed consist of rollercoasters. Wells finally admits that Big Mike probably should have been the lead this season (either him or Chase Rice, that is), but there’s a good chance we’ll find him on the beaches of paradise doing handstands and going to Wells for advice on Tyler’s potential arrival.  Thanks to our awesome sponsors for making this episode possible! Check out these deals just for you, YFTers. GLOSSIER– Get 10% off your first order when you go to Glossier.com/podcast/yft HELLOFRESH– Go to HelloFresh.com/yft10 and use code yft10 during HelloFresh’s New Year’s sale for 10 free meals BILLIE– Save 10% off your razor when you go to MyBillie.com/YFT

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