AE. 06 (special edition) with @ZuluAlphaStraps

By AJ Barse & Chris Powell

This episode is a special edition of The Analog Explorer x The Bellingham Podcast for our #watchfam listeners. The guest on this episode just how 'air tight' a good idea and design can be. His name is Darren, owner and creator of the Zulu Alpha Strap and a very good friend of ours in the watchfam. Read about my use of Zulu Alpha Straps on my blog: "From the Office to the Trailhead" Hopefully you all wherever you are in the world are in good form and good health.Zulu Alpha Straps Instagram: @zulualphastraps: zulualphastraps.comThe Analog Explorer:www.theanalogexplorer.comThe Bellingham

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