Thiago Jesus - People's Palace Projects

By Martin Zierold

It’s been a while since we last took an in-depth look into an international project in this podcast. Our guest today, Thiago Jesus, will help us change that. Thiago is based at an arts research centre in London, but spends a lot of his time working with Indigenous communities in the Amazon region. In a way, he connects two fragile zones – Britain, which is among the hardest hit European countries, and the Amazon region, where indigenous communities are among the groups most vulnerable to the virus. How has the work of international cultural relations changed in times where there seems to be virtue in (at least physical) distancing and isolation rather than in interconnectedness? How is arts based research changing, when the problems at hand are as down-to-earth as how to get supplies into distant communities without exposing them to the virus? These are some of the questions we will be talking about today.

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