#57 A Year Under Our Belts

By Kyle Pearce & Jon Orr

In this last episode of 2019 Kyle and Jon share their big success for the year, dive behind the scenes on the podcast, and discuss their plans and goals for 2020.    You’ll Learn:    How the podcast came to be; How the podcast reaches educators worldwide;  What’s the process from start to end to make a podcast; What big successes did Kyle & Jon have this year; and,  What the future looks like for Make Math Moments.      Resources:  https://makemathmoments.com/mentor https://makemathmoments.com/webinar    Top 10 Episodes of 2019  #36 How To Start The School Year Off Right #35 Visible Learning: An Interview with John Hattie #10 Mathematical Mindsets: An Interview With Dr. Jo Boaler #33 The 5 Practices: An Interview with Peg Smith #31 Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class: An Interview with John SanGiovanni #21 The Thinking Classroom: An interview with Peter Liljedahl #1   Introduction to Making Math Moments That Matter #32 The Formative Five: An Interview with Skip Fennell #38 How to Move Beyond Answer Getting. A Math Mentoring Moment #37 Hook, Line, & Sinker: An Interview with John RoweCatch the replay of our webinar: 5 Reasons Students Struggle with Word Problems & What We Can Do To Fix It. What we learned: What prevents students from applying their prior knowledge and understanding when solving word problems;How we can transform our current curriculum resources into engaging experiences;

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