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014: what does it take to live a good life? with Eric Zimmer

By Alana Helbig

If you’re a podcast fan, you’re probably familiar with Eric Zimmer, host of the hugely popular and successful The One You Feed podcast. Eric says he was forced into the realm of self-help because he was dying. At the age of 25 he was a homeless heroine addict, facing jail time. Listen in as Eric shares his story from drug addict with no skills, to working in the computer industry, to starting a solar energy company and to finally creating the One You Feed Podcast. We cover such a huge range of topics in this interview but it all boils down to one focussing question – how can we more skilfully work with our emotions and thoughts to create a good life? Eric and I also explore: + What it’s like to live with depression. + How Eric uses meditation and curiosity to create space and distance between his thoughts. + Keeping a mainstream job while still following your passions. + Finding meaning and purpose wherever you are in life. About half way though this episode, Eric and I get into an interesting conversation around balancing passion and purpose with the responsibilities and realities of life. If you’re currently juggling a mainstream job or something to keep the money rolling in while you work on a passion project on the side, this is definitely one you’ll want to take a listen to.   RESOURCES + Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl + Podcast Quick Starter Pack – get notified when the doors to Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers reopens plus download your free podcast quick starter pack containing a podcast guide, interactive checklists and done-for-you email scripts. + Join the Untangled Community Facebook group – a movement of women supporting each other to untangle themselves and remember their gifts.   ABOUT ERIC ZIMMER Eric Zimmer is the host of The One You Feed podcast. The show features conversations about creating a life worth living and was named a Best of 2014 Podcast by iTunes and one of the best health podcasts of all time by The Huffington Post. Eric has successfully coached hundreds of people from around the world for over 20 years surrounding topics related to sustainable behavior change in their lives. Connect with Eric at: + Website: + Facebook: /1ufeed + Instagram: @one_you_feed   SPONSOR UNTANGLED If my podcasts have helped you, inspired you or spoken to you, I would be so grateful for your generous contribution. As a one-woman show, in which I do everything myself, your sponsorship – from as little as $1 a month – will help to cover the costs of producing and hosting Untangled plus, eventually with enough support, I hope to release additional episodes and create in-person live untangling events and workshops. This is my dream. To make a contribution, head to the Patreon page here.   LOVE AND FEEDBACK If you love this podcast, I would be so grateful if you would take a couple of moments, head over to iTunes and leave a rating and review + subscribe to the podcast while you’re there.   WAYS TO SUBSCRIBE TO UNTANGLED You can subscribe to Untangled so you never miss an episode. + Click here to subscribe on iTunes + Click here to subscribe on Stitcher + Click here to subscribe on SoundCloud

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