Vinh Pham | Why PT Might Be Your Workout Game-Changer

By Nike

If you consider physical therapy something you do when you’re injured, you’re not giving it enough credit. Sure, manual therapy (things like myofascial release, mobilization, massage, and more) can help you move pain-free, but it can also help you move more freely—so you can get the most out of every workout for a really, really long time. That’s what physical therapist and owner of the innovative Myodetox clinics Vinh Pham believes. In this episode, Vinh describes how his approach to recovery is shaking up the ever-evolving field of physical therapy, explains why you should be foam rolling your abs, and provides at-home DIY PT exercises you can do in 10 minutes a day that can help minimize pain and maximize your movements.TRAINED is produced by Nike Training Club Pro. The best of Nike. Exclusively for Trainers. To apply, go to by TRAINED? Then you’ll love Nike Training Club app. The Nike Training Club app provides expertly designed workouts from Nike trainers for everyone at all fitness levels. It’s the ultimate training source from the leading minds at Nike.With holistic tips on movement, recovery, nutrition, mindset and sleep from experts on Nike’s Performance Council, NTC delivers on all five facets of fitness and puts our best at your fingertips. No matter how you train, NTC will help you discover your personal greatness. Click the link below to get the app for iOS or Android.Download Now

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