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Taking Social Connections Offline with Marie Nadal Sharma

By Ling Ling

Human beings are social creatures. According to Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens, we have climbed rapidly to the top of the food chain because of our ability to communicate and cooperate. In the past decade, our attention has shifted from our physical space to our screens. It's common to see people at dinners or dates quietly tapping away at their mobile devices. Or families retreating to their devices and scroll endlessly at social media feed. Are we no longer as social as before? In recent years, social media has suffered setbacks because of data breaches and fake content. There is a growing anti-social media movement where people opt to disable or delete their accounts entirely. For many, this is not an option. Many rely heavily on social media for work or business. Is there a better way of reaping the benefits of social media, without being enslaved by it? Joining us is Marie Nadal Sharma, the founder and director of Them You and Me, a digital marketing agency guiding businesses through digital transformation. She strives to demystify digital marketing and uses friendly words to explain technology and all things digital.   Check out our podcast on:  Apple Podcasts: CastBox: Google Play Music: iHeartRadio: Overcast: Spotify: Stitcher:     Highlights from the podcast page can be found here: This episode is brought to you by ASIA PODCAST SUMMIT, the 1st ever Virtual summit for the podcast community in Asia. To reserve your FREE 48-hr pass use this link: *If you enjoy this episode, please like, share or comment on this post. We’d love to hear from you on the topics you’d like us to cover or persons you’d like us to interview.

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