D2C E-Commerce with Dan Ben-Nun

Growth Collective

Dec 2020

38 min 23 sec

D2C Expert Dan Ben-Nun has a thrilling and extensive background in e-commerce, and in this episode he will take you through how he founded his own D2C brand, sold it to celebrity Marcus Limonis, and now is consulting other e-commerce brands on how to succeed in this ever-growing market. In this episode Max and Dan discuss: The start of Inkkas, Dan's mission focused D2C company [01:27] The utilization of Shopify for Inkkas [03:20] Tying a social cause to a for-profit business [06:20] How channels change over time [09:54] Selling your startup [12:29] The roller coaster of startups [16:57] Today's digital marketing strategy [20:05] E-comm gearing up for Q4 [22:02] E-comm email strategy [24:59] Exponential growth of e-commerce [35:47]

Podcast Episode