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#PPCChat 101219 - Testing&Experiments

By MindSwan

Q1 Do you have regular testing/experiments built in to your account processes currently? If so, what does it look like? Q2 Do you find testing/experiments easier or harder to execute on different platforms? If so, in what ways? Q3 How do you position testing/experiments with clients to get them to say yes? Q4 How do you determine what budget to request for a particular test/experiment (if you're doing something that will require designated budget)? Q5 Do you have any hard and fast rules for your test/experiments, such as how long they should run, number of things being tested, etc.? This would be a great place to explain your statistical significance thoughts for those who are uninitiated! Q6 Is there a test/experiment you’re running or have recently run that surprised you? Q7 How do you decide on things to test/experiment with in your accounts? Q8 What is the biggest objection or resistance you encounter when you suggest tests/experiments in client accounts? Q9 What do you wish clients understood better about tests/experiments? Q10 Is there anything the platforms could do to make tests/experiments easier to implement?

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