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Ep. 56: Nikki Robinson & Richard Taplin Return To Go Berserk Over Claymore!!!

By Monica Robinson and Elijah Bailey

RECAP: We last left Monice and Elijah snared in the diabolical trap laid by Nick & Caleb from the Red Six To Golden Corral podcast but made their way out unscratched. What's this, not one but two familiar power levels are making their way here. What exciting surprise waits in store for A Lil Bit O Anime!!!!   Description: Two capsules land and as they open the mysterious power levels have been revealed, its Nikki Robinson (from the Okie Geek Podcast)  & Richard Taplin (from the AOS Podcast, The Elijah Bailey Show & Blacken Studios: The Black Box). These two guest join Elijah 5000 and Monica, the Vivacious Vixen of Voice Acting to discuss Claymore and Berserk along with some Toonami nostalgia. We have a blast and want you to as well so make sure to watch, laugh and reach out to us by tweeting us if we forgot anything, you want to debate an anime topic or just show your love for what we are talking about. Join Oklahoma's anime based podcast where you get anime inspired commercials, season reviews and an authentic perspective of anime from two hosts that love anime as much as you!     This Week's Anime : Click the links below to watch these anime and join the conversation     - Berserk     - Claymore   Bit O Anime Biweekly Bento Box:  - How Not To Summon A Demon Lord - Steins; Gate 0 - The Slayers - Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Muyo! In Love   Want an amazing anime shirt, grab yours with our promo code: BITOANIME for a 10% discount when you checkout at   More Content, More Fun, More Anime: Join us and become apart of our amazing anime Patreon page.     Follow Our Friends: Find, follow and support our friends and supporters on Facebook,Instagram or Twitter: Blacken Studios, The Extraordinary Journey of a Black Nerd Group, Podcasting Smarter and the OKC Podcast Community.   Find Our Show: You can find more episodes of A Lil Bit O Anime on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music, Stitcher Radio, Podcast Addict and our official Podbean page.   Find Us: A Lil Bit O Anime is hosted by Monica Robinson and Elijah Bailey. If you have any questions for your hosts, you can reach us at A Lil Bit O Anime on Facebook, or on Twitter at @BitOAnime. Follow us in Instagram at @BitOAnime.   #OkieGeekPodcast #AOSPodcast #RichardTaplin #TheBuckity #NikkiRobinson #Berserk #Claymore #Shonen #BattleAnime #FunAnime #Anime #Funimation #Crunchyroll #Hulu #Netflix #AnimeInspiredCommercials #AnimePodcast #BlackenStudios #AnimeReview #SeasonOneAnime #Anime #ActionAnime #MagicalAnime #FantasyAnime #SliceOfLife #AdventureAnime #LightHeartedAnime #AnimePodcast  #SportsAnime #ActionAnime

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