ACV39: [Masterclass] Exercise, Diets and Supplements For a Healthy Life (Dr Deborah Wong, Doctor / Entrepreneur / Fitness Guru, Part 2)

Alternative CV

Dec 2020

22 min 59 sec

Dr Deborah Wong is a mother, general practitioner, entrepreneur and fitness guru. Shortly after graduating from medical school, she took over a pilates studio (Breathe Pilates), turned it around and expanded it into a successful and highly profitable chain with 4 locations across Singapore. Breathe Pilates is unique in offering training programmes for pilates instructors in addition to standard pilates classes. Deborah maintains a professional interest in lifestyle medicine, and she has personally experimented with multiple training programmes, diets and supplements.3 THINGS I LEARNEDBefore you get into any diet, take your time to analyze exactly what you want to achieve and how the diet will help you achieve the goal. Also, for pregnant and nursing mums, they need to be extremely careful before getting into any fad diets.Working from home is never an excuse for you not to exercise. Set aside 15-30 minutes daily to take a walk, go for a jog, or some light exercises like squats. People have no idea what a walk a day can do for their health.Start with strength training. Strength training would build muscles which are more metabolically active, which means that your body will be burning more calories. It helps with cardiovascular health as well. And importantly, building muscles and being able to lift heavier weights is rewarding, encouraging you to persist with your exercise plan.TOPICS WE DISCUSSEDExercises for people who want to stay lean Deborah’s big picture approach to nutritionThoughts about fad dietsKeto diets and whether you should use themIntermittent fastingDeborah’s thoughts on supplementsExercises for people confined to their homesAdvice for young doctors starting their careersAdvice to people who are just starting their business

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