Part 1: Race and Health Equity with Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

Brain Spaghetti

Oct 14

33 min 25 sec

Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis of 365 Diversity Spaghetti is a podcast about social justice, supporting inclusive communities, finding common ground, and is a safe space for learning.--Instagram: Stamps:[00:00-5:34] - Dr. Dennis and 365Diversity introduction[5:34-8:31] - How to stay motivated when learning about systematic racism, oppression and doing social change work[8:31-11:39] - Education is controlled by the power majority[11:39- 16:16] - How do we define diverse leadership? Who defines diverse leadership?[16:19- 23:12] What is health equity?[23:13 - 32:22] Contributors and collaborator, not allies - going beyond performative allyship[32:23 - 33:23] Come back for part 2!

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