#013. 4 Steps to Get Confident in Sales Conversations with Vincent Vandeputte

The FastForwardAmy Show

Mar 2020

40 min 23 sec

Would you believe me if I told you this episode would make you love selling? That’s right. In this episode, with the help of my dad, we run through a super-simple sales framework that you can start implementing today, focusing on building relationships, oozing confidence in our offer, and attracting customers with ease. Download this episode for future listening, grab the show notes with more info at www.fastforwardamy.com/013 , and if you found this episode useful, make sure you share in your Instagram stories!Find the download for this episode over at http://www.fastforwardamy.com/salesframeworkand the Sales Mini-Course over at http://www.fastforwardamy.com/sexysales

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