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Being Bold and Bringing Hope to the Lost, with Jacob - EM235

By Bryan Entzminger

Sometimes Christians are held back because of fear. If that's you, then this is for you. Listen as Jacob (pen name) shares what can happen when we step out in faith in spite of fear. Full Show Notes: Tweet Me: @engagingmission There are many people in the world who are lost and have never heard of Jesus. Asia has some of the largest unreached people groups and Jacob, our guest, plans to minister there. Growing up, Jacob had a plan to do youth ministry for a long time, but God had other plans. He and his wife are now preparing for their long term mission work in Asia. As he shares his plans for missions, Jacob talks about the importance of boldness. By being bold, believers can better share the Gospel to those who are lost. And when Christians are willing to walk in obedience to the Lord, they can bring transformation to their communities. Jacob brings encouragement and passion to this episode, and you won’t want to miss it! What We Talked About 00:24 - Episode summary 02:34 - Introduction 03:08 - What is your origin story? 05:16 - The Christ in Youth Conference 05:35 - How Jesus modeled for believers 06:31 - The need to share the Good News 08:12 - Everywhere is a mission field 09:00 - Stepping out in obedience to God 10:25 - Involvement in short term missions 12:30 - Preparing for long-term missions 13:44 - When did God point you to Asia? 15:59 - What does lostness feel like? 16:44 - Conversations with God 17:18 - A timeline from calling to practice 18:18 - Transitioning from the States to Asia 19:10 - What will your first few months look like? 21:00 - Looking to the next generations 22:03 - The power of simplicity 23:21 - What fuels your passion? 24:35 - What can we learn from your experience? 25:45 - Encouraging people to be bold 27:08 - The transformational power of evangelism 28:49 - Bringing hope to the lost 30:14 - How to make a positive impact in ministry 32:06 - Internet and book resources 33:31 - Making ministry reproducible 35:03 - How can we best pray for you? 36:33 - Closing thoughts Resources & Contact Info:  Jacob's Website: Phone: 918-855-2301 The Four Fields Manual T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution by Steve Smith and Ying Kai Show Links Facebook: Messenger: Twitter: Leave a Voicemail: Become a Patron: Subscribe:

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