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Taking user research notes from copywriting / Joel Klettke / Episode #84

By Service Design Show

In this episode you'll learn about some time and cost effective ways to do proper user research inspired by the world of copywriting. Successful conversion copywriter Joel Klettke takes you along his process to craft copy which deeply resonates with readers. As you'll hear that process evolves for a large part on conducting user research in order to understand the people you're going to write for. The similarities between how Joel does research and the way we do it as service designers is sometimes uncanny. There's just so much overlap that you wonder why our paths haven't crossed before. We also talk about how Joel is able to convince clients to do user research. Even when they think they know everything there is about their customers. Stepping outside the world of service design is sometimes the best way to improve our practice and this episode is I think a great example. If enjoyed this episode and found it helpful please consider sharing it with just 1 other person you know. Every. Share. Counts. :) ----- [ GUIDE ] ----- 03:10 - The first encounter with Service Design. 04:10 - Why should Service Designers care about what a copywriting can teach them about customer research? 12:25 - How much do you need to know about a customer? 21:25 - How can we go and get this information in a cost and time effective way? 33:55 - Big question: Which research tools could we use from the copywriters toolkit? ----- [ LINKS ] -------- * * * * * * * * ----- [ MORE ] ----- Enjoyed the show? Take a look at some of the other episodes. YOUTUBE Every episode of the Service Design Show is also available as via the official YouTube channel. FACEBOOK Check the Facebook page where you'll find more content and can discuss the episodes. INSTAGRAM Get an exclusive behind the scenes look of the Show. ----- [ FREE COURSE ] ----- HOW TO EXPLAIN SERVICE DESIGN Learn what it takes to get your clients, colleagues, managers, CEOs and even grandmas as excited about service design as you are!

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