Eric is the President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research and Aging. His laboratory focuses on the role of epigenetic regulators in the aging process. Personally, Eric holds more than 210 scientific papers and 15 patents. Follow him on Twitter @EricVerdin. [2:18] - Eric's lifelong interest in science and longevity [7:11] - Transitioning towards preventative healthcare [15:59] - The status quo of accepting age-related diseases [19:36] - Finding synergies between crypto and longevity [24:44] - The role of the Buck Institute in the greater field of longevity [31:02] - What's next in the longevity industry [43:08] - The edge of Eric's imagination for what is possible in the future --- Support the show by checking out my sponsors: Join Levels and get personalized insights to learn about your metabolic health. Go to https://levels.link/jake. --- https://homeofjake.com

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