Episode 0: What is the Hiking Lifestyle?

By Mallory Moskowitz

Hey there hiker and welcome to the hiking lifestyle podcast with your host and adventure coach Mallory Moskowitz. This is our place to talk all things hiking gear, safety, tips, hiking hacks, share stories, and ultimately explore more. I want to use this very first episode to explain a little more about my experiences, to show you don’t always have to follow this linear, typical path in life, share why I do what I do, and give you some idea about where I’m going with this podcast. I've had some pretty amazing jobs over the years in the outdoor industry teaching and guiding and playing outside. But then I decided to go out on my own and do a long-ass section hike from GA to NY on the AT in 2013. Those experiences completely transformed my life. I can not emphasize this enough. But so many of us are told 'we can't' whether it's by someone we love or by a voice in our own heads. It breaks my heart to see some of you would-be badass hikers just sitting by the sidelines because you don’t have a voice reminding you that you CAN go on epic adventures. Are you gonna be able to hike 16 miles up and over 2 fourteeners on your first ever hike with no training? Most definitely not - BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t go hiking or still have an amazing adventure. You just gotta make some adjustments to your plans and work up to your bigger goals, no matter where you’re starting from. That is what Hiking Lifestyle is all about. I want to be that voice for you. I’m here to tell you that you can - and show you how to along the way. Are you ready? Be sure to subscribe to the Hiking Lifestyle podcast to join me.

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