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Episode 35: David Roth (2017/07/11)

By David Cooper

"That went well, I think" well.. only David cooper the host of the podcast would think so. David roth the guest for the show. They thought of starting with a bang by calling Jonathan Cooper to discuss about "Gay jewish hunter's club" but ended up in voice mail, that shows that they were un prepared and unplanned about the show. But this always the case for David cooper. The first caller called in to know what really the show is about which both host and guest is clueless about. They both had long talks on stuffs like jews, vegetarianism, drugs, Burning man community and hyper mania. I hope Cooper's girlfriend Miranda called in because no one else did, and ended up roasting Cooper with the help of Roth. I'm sure no audience will be pleased to know about Roth's weird nipples and Cooper's half nails. The show was at peak of craziness when caller Suzuki cheese (unsure) called in just to show she is crazier than the show itself. Though her talks were very unclear, she atleast entertained with her loud singing. Miranda called in again to fill the show, Last caller Alligator and her niece called in just to make the show more boring. For the show that didn't go well. Swatish form India rating with 1 star. [Editor's note: it's not a podcast, it's a radio show.]

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