The NOMAD Cook and Moonrock Canada

By prohibitioncannabis

In EP 5 we are joined with Travis Petersen The Nomad Cook and guest Rees Cameron Of Moonrock Canada! Travis has been on a journey to break down the Stigma around Cannabis with his Infused dinner series. We discuss his road from sales in the oil and gas industry and how he realized his Love for cooking and becoming a chef. Through is culinary journey he finds a connection when cooking for people and how he feeds of the energy and atmosphere at each cooking event. We discuss the Canadian and international market, how edibles and Infused Cooking is the New frontier in the culinary world. How Canada can be a leader in showing the world how to roll out Infused cooking and edibles. Travis shares a Pizza story..... have to listen to hear what happened.   With a Infused cook book coming soon and a new business partnership with Naturally Splendid, Travis is taking the Cooking world be storm and not slowing down anytime soon. Have a listen to find out more about Travis and his brand The Nomad cook!   We had the pleasure of having Reese Cameron founder of Moonrock Canada and Phoenix Tears to join us in our conversation. We talk about the recent Vancouver Lift&co expo show, the next phase of legalization in Canada and regulating the market in a safe and responsible manner. How the grey market is making the transition to the legal market with the help of LPs. His experience in the Denver Colorado Cannabis market and finding the need for Branding in the cannabis business space.  As always an entertaining round of the 10/30! Hope you enjoy this weeks episode. If you have any Ideas for topics or want to be involved in the show drop us an email at: Thank you for Listening! Jay and Special K

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