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Lynne Buchanan: How Women Can Help Save Our Water

By Claire Faithfull

Today, the “Be A Smart Woman” podcast welcomes Lynne Buchanan. Lynne is a nationally recognized environmentalist and fine arts photographer. Lynne shares with us what led her to follow her heart and go from stay-at-home mom of three to a photographer of water issues in the United States and around the world. Lynne is excited to share where this journey has led her today. Lynne is also an artist, writer, and educator and has a beautiful book that has just been released called: Florida's Changing Waters: A Pristine World in Peril. Her book, a collection of photographs and essays, showcase the beauty, diversity, and complexity of Florida’s waters, while also documenting the negative effects of pollution, population growth, development, and climate change on Florida’s inland and coastal waters and springs. Lynne shares how an interest in yoga led her to become interested in water. She then describes how she rediscovered herself by traveling across the country photographing water issues after going through a divorce and the last of her children leaving for college. (4:28) Lynne also explains why water became such an interest for her and how she has discovered a mission to protect water sources. (5:45) Lynne discusses her thoughts on how women have a unique perspective on the world’s problems and what unique qualities they often bring to the table. (10:04) Lynne then shares what led her to create her new book. (13:10) Lynne also talks about waterkeepers and why they are so important to keeping our water clean. (14:10) Lynne then moves on to talk about her trip to Antarctica and why she went there. (16:16) Lynne also gives women tips on how they can make small changes to their daily life to help the climate and specifically our planet’s water. (20:52) Finally, Lynne shares how her children think about her new mission and thoughts on what we can do to help the planet keep clean water. (25:12) To Learn more about Lynne visit her website at, follow Lynne on Instagram @lynnebuchananphotography **Quotes: ** Lynne on how she believes being a mother shaped her views on the world > “As a mother with children, you have several children if you have more than one and they have all these different wants and needs and desires. They're going to come in conflict and you love them all. You're trying to figure out, how can I help make peace here? You can take that same thing out into the world.” (12:15) Lynne on a message given to her by Betty Osceola of the Panther Clan of the Miccosukee that still gives her chills "When one person cares, there is hope." (26:38) Links Mentioned in Todays Show: Florida's Changing Waters: A Pristine World in Peril Clearwater on the Hudson River (14:19) Waterkeeper Alliance (14:37) Connect with Us To learn more about Claire Faithful and the Be a Smart Woman movement visit us at: Or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

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