#21 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Principles and Techniques for Parents and Schools

Parenting Well Podcast

Apr 27

54 min 53 sec

Today’s well source is Tom McSheehy. Tom is a licensed social worker and licensed teacher in Colorado and Illinois. He is also the founder of the Teaching Heart Institute, an organization dedicated to connecting the worlds of education and mental health and supporting teachers and parents in developing children’s and teenagers’ Social Emotion Intelligence. Further, he is the author of the book, Infocus: Improving Social and Emotional Intelligence, One Day at a Time. This is a brain-based manual that guides teachers in doing quick, daily lessons that develop the Social Emotional Intelligence of their students. Tom is one of the presenters of our upcoming Stress & Anxiety Conference of May 1st and 2nd. We want to thank our sponsors, Premier Members Credit Union, Centennial Peaks Hospital, and Sandstone Care Addiction Treatment Center for their generous sponsorship. You can visit our website, www.penbv.org to get yourself registered


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