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How to Keep Your Dick Healthy (feat. Dr. Amy Killen)

By Dominick Quartuccio and Bryan Stacey

This is your episode for all things that concern the physical health of your dick today, tomorrow and the many decades to come. Dr. Amy B Killen is a physician of anti-aging and regenerative medicine and an outspoken champion of proactive sexual health.  Some of the highest-performing men in the world have come to her for proactive treatments for sexual health, including:  Dave Asprey, Founder and CEO of Bulletproof and author of NY Times best-seller The Bulletproof Diet Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley and author of NY Times best-seller Code of the Extraordinary Mind Ben Greenfield, CEO of KION supplements, anti-aging maniac and widely considered to be one of the world’s top bio-hackers  In this episode: A 101 overview on Testosterone and how it effects your libido Why you should take proactive steps to improve your sexual health (even if you’re currently healthy as a horse) Practical habits and practices to keep your dick strong Unveiling the #1 cause of (physical) erectile dysfunction How declining dick strength might actually be a sign forewarning you of potential future heart issues The science behind lifestyle habits (like sleep and stress) and how they can enhance – or erode – sexual health Why men shouldn’t jump to “the pills” (Viagra, Cialis) before understanding all of their natural options for improving sexual health Understanding cutting-edge technologies like GAINSWave that blast your dick with sound waves and open the blood chambers for stronger erections Reviewing “The P-Shot,” a stem-cell injection in the penis that purportedly regenerates sensitivity and erection strength Why regularly using Listerine might eventually kill your erections How to measure your dick, according to a doctor Amy is also a wife, mother of three and a wonderful woman who’s a personal friend to both Bryan and I. Enjoy this light-hearted and informative deep dive on optimizing your sexual health. 

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