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Mindset and Money with Jen Sincero

By JJ Virgin

Jen Sincero shares with JJ her personal experience when she shifted her life completely at the age of 40, from living in a garage, to a 7-figure bank account! Jen gives concrete and simple steps in this show for you to change your relationship with money. Take the risk, take action; fear might be the sign that you are on the right path! Listen to this podcast, and find out that the key to change your finances is in your mindset!   Key Takeaways: [:35] To change your life completely, your mindset is one of the most important conditions. [1:27] Jen Sincero’s career briefing. [2:16] Money mindset. [2:48] Mixture between money and mindset. [3:18] How did Jen go from living in a garage, to a 7-figure account? [5:20] We all have subconscious beliefs that are pushing us back from creating the life we want to live. [6.25] A shift in mindset can make a change in your finances. [8:06] What are the most common negative ideas about money? [9:13] When you have to pay for something you value it more. [9:54] Lots of people wait for a “perfect” situation, to take action. [10:36] Advice for people that are ready to fix their relationship with money. [11:58] The quickness and the action is crucial, take terrifying action as needed. [12:50] Gratitude defeats fear. [13:38] What you are focused on, you create more of. [14:11] How confidence has an impact on our finances. [15:48] What is the one terrifying thing people should do today? [17:01] Going for a walk is the best thing Jen does everyday to make a difference in her life. [18:20] You are a badass at making money. Jen Sincero’s book. [19:47] Enzyme product to help digestion and support protein digestion, without speeding carbohydrate digestion. [21:02] What do you do to actually get things started? [21:30] You take action, pick one thing immediately, to get started. [22:29] Stop thinking, start doing.   Mentioned in This Episode: Facebook JJVirginofficial

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