"All Watched Over By Machines (of loving grace)"

By uglyradiopresents

Tonight's episode is about being under the watchful eye of others. How our actions are seen and controlled by others we trust to have our best interests at heart. What happens when that trust is taken advantage of or completely thrown out the window? What if it's by entities not even human? You know that ole saying about staring into the abyss?Our host this episode, ALEXIS, finds herself drawn to acting outside of her protocol. Seattle favorite, Marcus Gorman brings us a terrifying escape from a suburban nightmare. Darrin Schultz takes us through a guided mediation that may have more in common with the Summersisle than finding nirvana. Plus, we've got music guests kohm and Cool Flowers! Featuring the voice talents of MaryKate Moran, Skyler Gahley, Mike Gilson, Skye Stephenson, Monica Domena, Lauren Freman, Sophie Schwartz and Andrew Shanks.Keep your eyes open, travelers, and don't worry about the bees...CW: Tonight's episode features depictions of gore, intense sequences of sound, abrupt noises and bees.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/theuglyradio)

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