7R EP14: The Souvenir

By Seventh Row

“This film assumes the viewer has a huge amount of context that I don’t think most of us had” - Mary Angela Rowe. Through repeated viewings and research, we are here to provide this context. Our latest episode is the perfect companion piece to our new ebook, Tour of memories: The creative process behind Joanna Hogg's The Souvenir. Editor-in-Chief Alex Heeney (@bwestcineaste), Executive Editor Orla Smith (@orlamango), and Editor at Large Mary Angela Rowe (@lapsedvictorian) discuss cringey class relations, celebrate the film’s sound editing, parse the film's toxic relationship, and much more. On June 28th, the book will be available available as an ePub and PDF, which are readable on all tablets, smart phones, and eReaders, for $19.99 CAD, which is roughly $15 USD and 10 GBP. This episode was edited by Edward von Aderkas. For detailed show notes, please visit: https://seventh-row.com/2019/06/20/ep-14-the-souvenir/ Follow Seventh Row on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and read our articles at seventh-row.com.

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