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Taya Kyle on Fighting with Faith and Humor

By The American Snippets Podcast

Taya Kyle’s world was finally settling down. The hectic schedule of kids’ activities, work, and family life was a welcome one to manage now that her husband was home and they’d pushed through layers of debris that had piled up throughout his years of military service. Everything would be better now, she thought. The worst was behind them. Life was good. They’d made it through things that would break most couples, and come out on top. Their marriage was stronger than ever, their kids had their dad back, and the future was theirs - until the gates of Hell opened up and sent Evil straight to them. Taya Kyle never saw it coming. She’d been prepared for the worst on other days, but that day was supposed to be a good one. It had been perfectly normal right up until the moment she realized her husband and his best friend, Chad Littlefield, had been murdered. In the six years since tragedy found her, Taya Kyle has experienced the worst and the best of humanity. The worst has brought its top guns into the battle to destroy her but she’s got faith and the American Spirit as her ammo, and it’s always been the stronger weapon.

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